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Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Ecobrite Services is a Certified Minority Group Enterprise wholly owned by three innovative brothers, the Fuchs Brothers, who are members of the Hispanic American Group with roots in Brazil.

They believe in the American Dream, and their passion has always centered around solving customer problems, protecting the environment, and giving people an opportunity. This leadership style of treating people pleasantly while providing integrity, good service, and establishing long-lasting relationships has launched the company culture to be far advanced in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Today, the company continues to grow nationwide, servicing more than 50 million square feet on schedule and on time. Our headquarters in Lehi, Utah, provides HR, staffing needs, accounting, and operational support, allowing the US Management Team to focus on servicing our customers. In addition, our unique Shared Service Company enriches our operations with complex client reporting, IT, and accounting support.

Our field offices in Vancouver, WA, and Miami, Florida, support Sales and Client Services with easy access to airports for fast, in-person response time.

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