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Other – Tailored Services

Are your cleaning needs unique? Do you have a special request that needs a custom quote for Tailored services? Start right here. With our 33 years in business, unique cleaning situations are our specialty. Our company culture attracts the best employees, and we train them into expert Technicians. In addition, we provide them with the best technology. Most importantly, we offer 100% Green Cleaning Solutions. That is how we obtain the maximum results. So reach out today for your free quote.

Quality Services for Unique Facilities

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We know that some facilities will have unique needs and the specific requests that will come with the nature of their activities. But, you don’t have to worry because EcoBrite Services Sales, Operations, and Estimating Team is here to help. We are here to meet any needs and requests and walk the journey with you as well. To do that, we will assess your scope of work. Then, we’ll develop a customized plan for you. That is to say, It will be tailored to your timeline and budget. So, please leave it to us. We will deliver the best cleaning solutions and exceed your expectations. Give us a call. Request a free quote.

Experience, Technology, and Value. Tailored Services.

Our value is developing people and sustaining our planet while working with the best suppliers. This is what validates us. This is how we build long-term relationships with our clients. Therefore, our training program, supplier choices, and management support system are essential. We have designed a robust program from scratch, keeping you, your customers, and your team members in mind. That is to say, we offer tailor-made services for your needs and have the expertise and technology with which we will perform those services.

Green Solutions. Health Care Facilities.

EcoBrite’s focus is to meet the demands of the workplace while also taking into account the environmental impacts of our activities. That is why we offer our clients the best green cleaning solutions. Because environmentally friendlier cleaning has a lesser impact. On nature, as well as on human health. And this is crucial—especially when dealing with unique situations. Our products are eco-friendly. This means they are safer for the environment and you. Call us and request a free quote. We will be pleased to hear from you!

What We Do Best:

  • Strip, buff, and wax slip-resistant floors
  • Cement care and crack repair
  • Effective bacteria elimination, restroom solutions
  • 75′ high dusting, which is our specialty, with a video cam/monitor system to verify accuracy and no lifts
  • High and low window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Emergency cleaning, biohazards, and HazMat
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

Personalized Cleaning is Our Specialty.

Tailored Services. Safety and Security. Employee Recruitment, Training, and Retention.

First, It is EcoBrite Service’s mission to have a systematic approach. Our goal is repeated, efficient, and proven results that the clients are looking for. Second, our procedures are focused on bringing a new Technician up the ranks. So, we begin with Basic Training, which provides the most effective results. For instance, we demonstrate the proper use of a cleanroom suit. The “Bunny Suit.” Moreover, we truly understand the damage that one-single particle of dust can do to the electronics. Third, this is the kind of expertise that any business, organization, or industry needs to maintain its facilities running smoothly and properly.

Lastly, the services we will offer you are customized to scale because our plans are based on each facility’s specific scope of work.

The Smooth Transition Plan. Developed from 33 years of Experience.

EcoBrite Services makes the transition smooth and efficient because our Operations Management System and Quality System Manual (ES-QMS) are essential procedures for the success of your endeavor. In addition, we provide the necessary guidance to implement the start-up and the transition plan. But rest assured, the EcoBrite Operations Team will coordinate this with you in great detail during the transition.

Equally important, our goal is to guarantee your scope of work is perfectly executed while upholding your values and business philosophy. This is how we build long-lasting partnerships with our clients and partners. So call us and request a free quote; we will be pleased to hear from you.

In Case of Emergency, You can Call EcoBrite Services. Natural Disaster and Emergency Situations.

We are experts in facilitating disaster and emergency cleaning services, including blood-borne pathogens, HazMat (i.e., corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc.), water, flooding, fire damage, and carpet recovery.

EcoBrite’s Trained Team is ready! We will support your Team as well as your associates and other sub-contractors. We prepare in advance. In case of a natural disaster, we perform emergency training drills because it is vital to let people know what to do in such events. And we ensure that the crucial information is ready such as the meeting points, emergency calls, the exits, and other protocols. Just in case. All to ensure the safety of our Team and our clients. It is an important service that we provide.

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