Commercial and Retail


Commercial and Retail

Infection, disease, germs, dust, allergens, dull-unsafe flooring, and stained carpeting can wreak havoc on high-traffic areas. Most important, health is the top priority in such places. But, you do not have to worry. The EcoBrite Services Legendary Cleaning Team will diligently service every square foot of your Commercial and Retail Facilities. For this reason, you will be able to keep your customers, visitors, staff members, and families in a clean, safe and healthy environment. That is our mission. This is how we work.

A Cleaner and Healthier Environment for your Store. It Begins with the EcoBrite Services.

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Specialty Custom Cleaning. Commercial and Retail.

We understand that commercial and retail facilities have unique needs. Because they have specific requests, we know this can make their cleaning very tricky. However, EcoBrite Services Sales, Operations, and Estimating Team are here. We can understand your needs. And we can walk the journey with you. To do this, we will review and recognize your particular scope of work, with all its demands. After that, we will develop a customized plan. It will fit your timeline and budget. Leave it to us. We will make your facility safe and clean. That way, you will have the peace of mind you need. So you will be able to focus on your primary activities. And you will do it in a more pleasant, germ-free environment. That is our mission.


Our Surface Contaminant Measuring System

To clarify, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is an enzyme. It is present in all living cells. And, by using our proprietary ATP hard surface measuring system, we can verify the effectiveness of our cleaning procedures. That is because it can verify the hygienic status of the surfaces. To sum up, it will detect the amount of organic matter remaining after the cleaning. That way, we can double-check our work to ensure our results. That’s why, no matter your niche, we will help to improve Quality and protect your brand. This is how we work. So our clients can always trust our standards.


What We Do Best:

  • Strip, buff, and wax slip-resistant floors
  • Cement care and crack repair
  • No-touch restroom solutions
  • 75′ high dusting, our specialty, with a video cam/monitor system to verify the accuracy and no lifts
  • High and low window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Emergency cleaning, biohazards, and HazMat
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting


Uncomplicated Execution. Mobilization Plan.

Commercial and Retail: a Cleaner, More Attractive Store for Your Clients.

It is a fact that a pleasant environment can only enhance your brand. That’s because a pristine appearance is essential to the consumer’s experience. With that in mind, we make sure to deliver an impeccably clean environment to our clients and develop an execution and mobilization plan to fit your schedule. As a result, your business will keep running smoothly while we perform cleaning services at your facility’s convenience. This is how we work with our clients, and it is all within your budget. So call us and request a free quote.


Smooth and Properly Executed Transition Plan. With 33 Years of Experience.

Getting started with EcoBrite Services will make the transition smooth and efficient. That’s because our Operations Management System and Quality System Manual (ES-QMS) are essential procedures. However, you won’t have to worry because the EcoBrite Operations Team will discuss this in great detail with you prior to the award. Our goal is to guarantee that your scope of work will be properly executed while upholding your values and your business philosophy. That is how we have built long-lasting partnerships with our clients, by doing good work at a fair price.

In addition, our 33 years of experience in Green, Sustainable Solutions will add valuable points to your facility’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) program. We are certified by the Green Cleaning University. And our team members go through an intensive training program, which is monitored daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Furthermore, we partner with the best suppliers. Guaranteed 100% Green Seal Certified.



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