Floor Care

Are your corners clean? They will be with EcoBrite Services. Floors are our specialty! Let yours shine with EcoBrite's Floor Care Certified Technicians. Call for a customized Quality proposal that will be tailored for your specific needs and fit within your budget.

Form an Immediate Good Impression for Your Business

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First Impressions Do Matter

As soon as a customer walks into your establishment, they will form an immediate impression of your business and your brand. So, giving your customers a clean building and a pleasant environment would be best. Undoubtedly, it will make the mark of a solid first impression and significantly increase the chances of repeat visits. So, hire EcoBrite Cleaning Services because we will give your guests the best first impression. They will be delighted to stand on our pristine clean floors.


Why is floor cleaning so important? For Safety!

Clean floors not only look good, but they also improve the safety of the people who enter your building. However, dirt, grit, and grime can become a tripping hazard if the floors are not properly maintained. And that way, slips and falls can lead to injuries. In addition, it could even lead to expensive legal actions. Because of those risks, hiring professional floor care services is the best option for the safety of your guests and employees and for your peace of mind.


Main features

Floor Care Specialities include:

  • Stripping
  • Sealing
  • Waxing
  • Cleaning
  • Tile
  • Concrete Care Grout
  • Construction
  • One Time Projects
  • Regular Services

VCT and Terazzo


The most efficient and effective way to maintain the look and prolong the life of a VCT floor is by adopting and following a regular maintenance program. And, in addition, using the right products as well as the right expertise. EcoBrite can offer all that. In addition, our program is tailored to your needs and budget.


EcoBrite can help you create a routine Terrazzo maintenance program that will help extend the life of your floors’ life and enhance their original beauty. Because regular cleaning, polishing, and care are key to doing just that. EcoBrite is your best choice when it comes to Terrazzo Maintenance.


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