Department Stores


Department Stores

Large numbers of people come and go every day. That is why the Department Stores that serve the community need the right cleaning team. In addition, customers deserve the best in their shopping experience. EcoBrite Services keeps score focusing on trends, individual scope, and any items that need additional attention. Your staff, customers, and their families will be delighted. As a result, they will want to come back again and again. That is why EcoBrite Services is the best choice for you. Call us and check for yourself.

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If You Think You Need High-Gloss, Sparkling Clean Floors, and Restrooms, You Do!

The Cement and Floor Care is an EcoBrite Legendary Service. So, you can be protected against the threat of unhealthy floors and surfaces. They can bring down the appearance of your store. But, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is delegate these projects to trusted cleaning partners. EcoBrite Services specializes in concrete polishing to the highest shine! So, the employees, customers, and their families will take pride in standing on your clean floors. They will breathe easily knowing that the environment is germ-free! So, call us. Request a free quote.


Unique Demands for Hygiene.

It is a fact that surfaces in Department Stores are often irregularly shaped with nooks and crannies. That is why a simple cleaning simply will not do. Instead, we use a powerful electro-static fogging disinfectant, sanitizing even the most difficult surfaces. That way, you can protect your staff. And your guests. From the most common germs and bacteria as well as from allergens. We offer a wide range of cleaning services. All of them are ideal for protecting your busy facility. Including our food-safe electro-static spraying. And our weekly restroom no-touch service. In addition, our Technicians and Day Porters provide a variety of products. Such as sanitary wipes and antibacterial hand soap. And hand sanitizer. To clarify, we use 100% green, safe chemical cleaning products. Call us and find out.


Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Department Stores. Unique Facilities. Quality Services.

Your customers deserve the most pleasant shopping experience. Because a clean, safe, and healthy environment will encourage consumers to stay longer. And they will return more often. And hiring a professional cleaning service for your commercial facility is the best way to achieve that. So you won’t have to worry about those details. Leave it to EcoBrite. We will make your store sparklingly clean. Moreover, we will develop a cleaning plan just for you. It will fit your schedule and your budget. And we are here for you all hours, all days. That is to say, we are available 24/7. But, equally important, 365 days a year for your peace of mind.


EcoBrite Services Communication Standards Build Long-Term Relationships. One Customer at a Time.

First, timely, effective communication is crucial, even more so when building long-term relationships, which is what we do. To that end, we simplify the process with our proprietary software. This guarantees a closed-loop system for Quality control and efficient communication. Then, we capture all program information in this central repository. Finally, the targeted metrics are appropriately benchmarked and available upon demand. This is how we work.


Natural Disaster and Emergency Situations

We are experts in facilitating all types of disaster and emergency cleaning services. Including blood-borne pathogens, HazMat (i.e., corrosive, flammable,  toxic, etc.), water, flooding, fire damage, and carpet recovery.

The EcoBrite’s Trained Team is ready! We will support your Team. As well as your associates, and sub-contractors. In case of a natural disaster. We perform emergency training drills. So to ensure that people know what to do in case of such events. And we make sure that the crucial information is ready. Such as the meeting points, the emergency calls, the exits, and the protocols. All to ensure the safety of our Team as well as our clients. They feel safer knowing what needs to be done in case something unexpected happens. It is an important service that we provide.


What We Do Best:

  • Strip, buff, and wax slip-resistant floors
  • Cement care and crack repair
  • Effective bacteria elimination, restroom solutions
  • 75′ high dusting, our specialty, with a video cam/monitor system to verify accuracy and no lifts
  • High and low window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Emergency cleaning, biohazards, and HazMat
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

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