Warehouse Buildings


Warehouse Buildings

Warehouse Buildings, Fulfillment, and Distribution Centers are all busy places. Although this may be true, you do not need to worry because EcoBrite Services are available 24/7. Additionally, we work 365 days a year to keep your facility healthy and clean to operate smoothly. Our porter, janitorial, and utility crews are all skilled Technicians. They are trained to work around your employees as well as around the heavy equipment and pallet jacks. So, all you need to do is to reach out to us. Learn all about what we can do for you.

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Specialty Custom Cleaning for Warehouse Buildings

We are prepared to meet all the corporate requirements and will do it within the hours that will suit you better. We can offer cleaning solutions to anything you might need, such as internal and external cleaning, warehouses, shelves, corridors, cold rooms, distribution points, delivery yards, offices, tables, and other equipment. We know that some facilities have unique needs and specific requests. So, the EcoBrite Services Sales, Operations, and Estimating Team is here to understand them. And to walk the journey with you. To that end, we will review and recognize your scope of work. Then, we will develop a customized plan to fit your timeline and budget. This is how we work.

All hours. All days. We work on a 24/7 schedule. But, equally important, we are available 365 days a year. That is to say; whenever you need assistance, we will be there. On time! Day or night. Ready to help.

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Save Time. Dust More Often. Eliminate Hydraulic Lifts!

Facilities often present several challenges to the on-site cleaning team, including cleaning around the extensive built-in displays, the network of cable trays, and the lighting ducts and other dust traps around the facility. Often, these heights exceed 30 feet in the air. But, with EcoBrite Services’ proprietary commercial high-dusting system, you will get cost-effective, better results because the system includes a video cam mounted to the vacuum head. Moreover, it allows the Technician on the ground to view, on-screen, the exact location for Quality assurance. As a result, there is no need for you to hire additional access equipment. Finally, this will reduce costs for you; yet, the results will be the same as if you had spent more.

Cable Trays run through facilities to provide a convenient way for all power lines to be safely out of the way, above head height, which is ideal. However, this approach can also create an interconnected network of dust traps. Equally important, if left unchecked, this dust can affect the resistance of the cables and the wiring that run through these channels. What’s more, in extreme cases, this buildup of dust can overheat. And they can ignite. In this case, it can quickly cause fire to spread to all areas of the building. It is a constant danger. That is why hiring professional cleaning services is essential. Leave it to us.

What We Do Best:

  • Strip, buff, and wax slip-resistant floors
  • Cement care and crack repair
  • Effective bacteria elimination, restroom solutions
  • 75’ high dusting, our specialty, with a video cam/monitor system to verify accuracy and no lifts
  • High and low window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Emergency cleaning, biohazards, and HazMat
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

Experience, Technology, and Value

For Warehouse Buildings. EcoBrite Services Communication Standards. Building Long-Term Relationships. One Customer at a Time.

First, timely, effective communication is crucial, even more so when building long-term relationships, which is what we do. To that end, we simplify the process with our proprietary software. This guarantees a closed-loop system for Quality control and efficient communication. Then, we capture all program information in this central repository. Finally, the targeted metrics are appropriately benchmarked and available upon demand.

We assess the unique needs of your environment. To that end, each location shall have a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It will be based on the Scope of Work (SOW). Then, we extract and upload the deliverables in the SLA. They will become the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). And we track them. After that, we print the monitored tasks within the KPI. As checklists. They are posted in each location’s janitor closet and used by Leads/Supervisors during their daily tours. And our self-sufficient, fast-acting, on-site personnel are authorized to initiate and manage ongoing services and deliverables. So most of the issues are resolved immediately. This way, it is unnecessary to reach out to Facility Staff or open a Corrective Action Report (CAR). This is how we work. It is how we keep our activities on track to ensure our results. This is how we work, with high standards and a system put in place to keep the work on track.

Natural Disaster and Emergency Situations

We are experts in facilitating disaster and emergency cleaning services, including blood-borne pathogens, HazMat (i.e., corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc.), water, flooding, fire damage, and carpet recovery.

EcoBrite’s Trained Team is ready! We will support your Team as well as your associates and other sub-contractors. We prepare in advance. In case of a natural disaster, we perform emergency training drills because it is vital to let people know what to do in such events. And we ensure that the crucial information is ready such as the meeting points, emergency calls, the exits, and other protocols. Just in case. All to ensure the safety of our Team and our clients. It is an important service that we provide.

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