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Quick Turn Deep Cleaning whether you need spot cleaning between showings or complete cleaning overnight, EcoBrite Services can tailor a cleaning schedule to fit your needs.

Keep Your Event Venue Impeccable: Every Detail is a Priority

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Specialty Custom: Event Cleaning

EcoBrite Services knows what it takes to keep a large venue clean. And we have the expertise to do it from corporate suites to the grandstands. So, we will ensure your guests are greeted with clean seats, clean floors, and fully stocked, sanitized bathrooms. In short, hiring EcoBrite is the best way to ensure peace of mind because we will meet all your event requirements. In addition, we will offer the best cleaning solutions for internal and external cleaning. That is to say; you will get better results for a fair price. Therefore, we are the best option for cleaning services. So, give us a call and request a free quote.

Event Types:

  • Conventions
  • Street Festivals
  • Trade shows
  • Parties Big and Small
  • Movie Premieres
  • Weddings and Receptions
  • Non-profit and Political Fundraising
  • Sporting Events
    • Baseball games
    • Football Games
    • Basketball games
    • Tennis matches
    • Races
    • Golf Tournaments
  • Food Festivals
  • Block Parties
  • Church Events
  • Retail Grand Openings
  • Holiday Events
    • Christmas Events
    • New Years Eve Events


Main features

Services provided at events:

  • Venue cleaning
  • Effective bacteria elimination, restroom solutions
  • Emergency cleaning
  • Concierge service
  • Setup, pre-event
  • Takedown, post-event cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • Parking Lot Cleaning

EcoBrite Cleaning Services For a Safe an Impeccably Clean Environment

Unique Demands for Hygiene and Safe Food Handling. Event Cleaning

It is a fact that surfaces are often irregularly shaped with nooks and crannies. That is why a simple cleaning simply will not do. Instead, we use a powerful electrostatic fogging disinfectant, sanitizing even the most challenging surfaces. That way, you can protect your staff. And your guests. From the most common germs and bacteria as well as allergens. We offer a wide range of cleaning services that are ideal for protecting your busy facility, including our food-safe electrostatic spraying. In addition, our effective bacteria elimination service is excellent in restrooms.

In addition, our Technicians and Day Porters provide a variety of products. Such as sanitary wipes and antibacterial hand soap. And hand sanitizer. To clarify, we use 100% green, safe chemical cleaning products. Call us and find out.

We focus our efforts on cost-effectively making a better environment for your residents and staff. We work for your peace of mind. And we are on the schedule: day and night.


EcoBrite Services Legendary Clean is Monitored for Success

The EcoBrite Team works with proprietary Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This is a hard surface measuring system that will quickly verify the effectiveness of the cleaning procedures. As well as the hygienic status of the surfaces. To sum up, the ATP monitoring system will detect all the amount of organic matter that may remain after cleaning a surface. As a result, it is possible to verify the quality of the work. In other words, we double-check to be sure the work is done! That is our way to keep the effectiveness of our results.

Furthermore, our microbial analysis and pathogen detection technology are sophisticated. It will identify the potentially harmful microbes and sort out strains of bacteria and microbes. In that way, it will prevent contamination woes. So, no matter your niche, we can help you improve quality. Consequently, it will protect and enhance your brand because your guests will be pleased to stand in a safe, clean environment. That is why hiring EcoBrite is the best choice.

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