Carpet Care

Your facility needs clean carpets and entrances; it makes all the difference. EcoBrite Services safely extracts dirt, allergens, old cleaning residue, and odors using our 100% Green carpet cleaning system. Promote good health and a clean operation by calling us now.

First Impressions are Everything. Smell Clean with EcoBrite.

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Carpet Care

We know that excellent carpeting can create a warm, low-noise, and safer environment for entryways, office areas, hallways, and open spaces. They can make any place look more comfortable. But, on the other hand, dirt and dust, allergens, and other air pollutants can get trapped in it. That way, your facility will be at risk of becoming an unhealthy environment. For you, your employees, and your customers. That is why you need a proper professional carpet cleaning. So, EcoBrite Services will deliver a purified, deeper clean. And it will not interfere with your business activities because EcoBrite Carpet Care Certified Technicians will customize a program tailored to your specific needs. And it will fit your budget.

To sum up, we offer Purified Deep-Cleaned Carpets at fair prices.

Green Solutions. Carpet Maintenance.

EcoBrite’s focus is to meet the demands of the workplace while also considering the environmental impacts of our activities. That is why we offer our clients the best green cleaning solutions. Because environmentally friendlier cleaning has a lesser effect. On nature, as well as on human health. And this is crucial—especially when dealing with your customers, staff, and their family’s health. Our products are eco-friendly. This means they are safer for the environment and you. Call us and request a free quote. We will be pleased to hear from you!



Main features

We Offer Many Carpet Cleaning Styles:

  • Foam Cleaning
  • Hot Water Extraction (“Steam Cleaning”)
  • Absorbent Compound (“Dry Cleaning”)
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Encapsulation

Your Carpets Always Looking Fresh

Carpet Care. The Best Equipment. The Best Cleaning Solutions.

EcoBrite will bring your dirty and old-looking carpets back to life.

In short, the whole environment will look bad if your carpets look bad. So, hiring a professional cleaning service is the best option to deal with it. EcoBrite has the expertise and the right equipment to achieve the best results. To do that, we will develop specific cleaning plans for you. And they will be tailored to fit your time and budget. In addition, our cleaning products are safe and eco-friendly. So, your carpets will certainly look nice and clean as new after we pay you a visit! Call us and request a free quote.


Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) Program

State-of-the-art technology. With 33 years of experience in the field. With Green, Sustainable Solutions. EcoBrite Services will add valuable points to your facility’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) program. We are Certified by the Green Cleaning University. And our team members go through an intensive training program, which is monitored daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. In addition, we partner with the best suppliers. Guaranteed 100% Green Seal Certified. So, we are an environmentally responsible company, and green cleaning is a major standard, soon to be imperative all over the world.

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