Aerospace Fabrication Shops


Aerospace Fabrication Shops

Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical or Astronautical Facility Services. You take care of space comprising the earth's atmosphere and the space beyond, and we’ll take care of your facilities. We work for your peace of mind. Reach out to talk about your needs today, and request a free consultation.

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Not all Fabrication Shops are Created Equal!

We understand that aerospace engineering is a complicated field of study that incorporates dozens of other elements, some of which include aerodynamics, flight, flying, aircraft, thermodynamics, materials, celestial mechanics, flight mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, and guidance and control systems. Additionally, there are fluid mechanics, astrodynamics, mathematics, control engineering, electrotechnology, materials science, solid mechanics, avionics, software, risk and reliability, noise control, flight text, aeroacoustics, and more. While avionics engineering specifically refers to the electrical segment of aerospace engineering, EcoBrite’s Technicians are pre-screened, trusted experts. This is how we work.

Welding is an art. It can get messy and dusty, which can cause havoc on the health, safety, and appearance of your facility. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry because EcoBrite Services provides a customized, innovative cleaning system. First, we sweep, vacuum, and wipe all foreign material and debris. Second, we bring your facility to the highest level of hygiene and appearance standards. Furthermore, our decontamination service provides the healthiest environment for your worker’s good health. Last but not least, EcoBrite’s Legendary Cleaning Technicians will make you proud to look at your facility.


Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing, Research, and Development Require Precision Cleaning

Precision cleaning is critical when dealing with something as sensitive as Aerospace Fabrication Shops.  Apart from this, removing contaminants and organic compounds from optical surfaces is no simple matter. First, we have the precision cleaning capabilities to meet the requirements of such important work because our team is prepared to care for all kinds of materials and follow every procedure. Second, to maintain high-level cleanliness, our mission is a continuous improvement because we want to exceed all of our client’s expectations. That is why EcoBrite is the best choice.

All hours. All days. We work on a 24/7 schedule. But, equally important, we are available 365 days a year. That is to say, anytime you need assistance, we will be there. On time! Day or night. Ready to help.

If You Think You Need High-Gloss, Sparkling Clean Floors, and Restrooms, You Do!

The cement and floor care are an EcoBrite Legendary Service. Without a doubt, you can be protected against the threat of unhealthy floors and surfaces. They can bring down the appearance of your facility. But, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is delegate these projects to EcoBrite, your trusted cleaning partner. EcoBrite Services specializes in concrete polishing to the highest shine! So, the employees, customers, and their families will take pride in standing on your clean floors. They will breathe easily knowing that the environment is germ-free! So, call us. Request a free quote.


Specialty Cleaning. Scope of Work for Fabrication Shops: 

  • Cleanroom cleaning
  • Personnel screening for controlled-access areas
  • Complete compliance
  • Proven disinfecting and effective bacteria elimination processes
  • Department of Energy special projects
  • Department of Defense special projects
  • Commercial nuclear industry
  • Complex fabrication projects
  • CNC Machine shops
  • Stainless steel fabrication shops
  • Aluminum fabrication shops

75' High Dusting. Without a Lift? No Problem!

75′ High Dusting. Without a Lift? No Problem! Aerospace Architecture is Safe and Clean.

EcoBrite Services works with a proprietary commercial high-dusting system, including a video cam mounted to the vacuum head. That way, it allows the Technician, on the ground, to view, on-screen, the exact location to ensure Quality. As a result, there is no need for ladders, scaffolding, or scissor lifts. That is to say; you won’t have to hire any additional equipment. Therefore, the costs will be lower. But you will be given the same results as if you had spent more.

Consequently, you will have even better results because we are experts in precision cleaning. So, please leave it to us. Then, call us and request a free quote.


The White Glove Test. 

Assessing key performance indicators begins with the appearance metric, customer satisfaction through open communication, fiscal metrics, and sanitizing metrics. That is the White Glove Test.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tracked using checklists derived from the scope of work for each location. Our staff appreciates the continued training, the promotion opportunities, and the performance incentives that, in turn, maximize throughput. While maintaining our high standards, the Lead/Supervisor at each location monitors the Quality of workmanship and completion using the physical checklist while touring the facility, which they do daily. That way, potential deficiencies, and requests are scheduled or taken care of immediately. This makes the work a lot more efficient.

We keep score by focusing on trends, individual scope, and items that need improvement. This way, we can create corrective action/training, research new technology, and techniques while rewarding strong performance. That is our way of encouraging the employees to excel. And they do!


Experience, Technology, and Value. Taking care of Government Facilities.

Our value is in developing people as well as in sustaining our planet. Also, we work with the best suppliers that utilize state-of-the-art technology. The Quality of our work validates us. It is how we build long-term relationships with our clients and our partners. In addition, our training program, supplier choices, and management support system are all essential for the success of our endeavors. Uniquely, we have designed a robust program from scratch, keeping you, your guests, and your team members in mind.

Our years of experience in the field allow us to offer our clients reliable and safe cleaning solutions. Moreover, our cleaning services are cost-effective. Call us and request a free quote. We will be pleased to hear from you.


What We Do Best:

  • Strip, buff, and wax slip-resistant floors
  • Cement care and crack repair
  • Effective bacteria elimination, restroom solutions
  • 75′ high dusting, our specialty, with a video cam/monitor system to verify accuracy and no lifts
  • High and low window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Emergency cleaning, bio-hazards, and HazMat
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting

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