High-Level Dusting

Facilities typically have high, difficult-to-reach places. So they can accumulate dust and allergens, which can be harmful not only to people's health but also to valuable equipment. So, please leave it to us for inaccessible areas to make it cleaner and safer. Call us today.

High-Level 75' High Dusting without a Lift? No Problem!

Service details

Save Time. Dust More Often. Eliminate Hydraulic Lifts—High-Level Dusting.

Cleaning Innovation. Facilities often present several challenges to the on-site cleaning team, including cleaning around the extensive built-in displays, the network of cable trays, and the lighting ducts and other dust traps around the facility. Often, these heights exceed 30 feet in the air. But, with EcoBrite Services’ proprietary commercial high-dusting system, you will get cost-effective, better results because the system includes a video cam mounted to the vacuum head. Moreover, it allows the Technician on the ground to view, on-screen, the exact location for Quality assurance. As a result, there is no need for you to hire additional access equipment. Finally, this will reduce costs for you; yet, the results will be the same as if you had spent more.

Cable Trays run through facilities to provide a convenient way for all power lines to be safely out of the way, above head height, which is ideal. However, this approach can also create an interconnected network of dust traps. Equally important, if left unchecked, this dust can affect the resistance of the cables and the wiring that run through these channels. What’s more, in extreme cases, this buildup of dust can overheat. And they can ignite. In this case, it can quickly cause fire to spread to all areas of the building. It is a constant danger. That is why hiring professional cleaning services is essential. Please leave it to us.

Fire Prevention. Eliminate the Following:

  • Dust covers often installed can prevent cooling, causing the dust to overheat and ignite.
  • These fires can spread very quickly with the risk of secondary explosions, potentially devastating as the chain reaction moves outward from the point of ignition.
  • Hazardous, combustible dust particles such as flour or sugar are flammable materials that can present a highly explosive risk when deflagrated in the air.

EcoBrite Services uses correctly certified equipment. For cleaning and removing these dust particles in explosive atmospheres. Please leave it to us to make your environment safer.

Main features

Specialty Cleaning Systems. To Suit Any Environment. High-Level Dusting.

  • Open Beams and High Hanging Light Fixtures
  • Conduit, Ducts, and Pipes
  • Industrial Gutter Cleaning
  • Food Safe Cleaning Systems
  • Museum and Fine Art Systems
  • Conductive Cleaning for use in NEC Div. 2 for combustible dust such as wood, plastics, paper, and food materials like rice, sugar, and flour.

High Standards

Superior Standards. Specialized Cleaning Needs.

EcoBrite Services’s mission is one to have a systematic approach. In other words, the goal is getting the repeated, efficient, and proven results that the clients are looking for. That’s because our procedures focus on bringing a new Technician up the ranks beginning with Basic Training. Therefore, it provides the most effective results.

EcoBrite Services understands that there is very little room for errors in the challenging coordination of complex operations within specific environments. Therefore, we perform accordingly, at the highest level, to each and every standard. Above all, our services are custom-designed to attend to the specifics of each and any environment.

Our services will be customized to scale because our plans are based on each facility’s specific scope of work, with KPIs (key performance indicators) put in place to track and consistently maintain quality standards.



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