Commercial Facilities


Commercial Facilities

Commercial Building values are higher than ever in today's market. Because of that, it's essential to give your customers an excellent first impression! In addition, there are so many issues to think about with green cleaning concerns and deep cleaning of the high traffic areas, dull cement, dirty entryways, and ugly carpet stains. Besides all that, the restrooms must be sanitary more than ever before. With this in mind, EcoBrite Services is your Facility Manager's dream!

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Commercial cleaning is what we do. And we have been doing it for over 33 years. So, we know exactly what is necessary for the best cleaning! And, most importantly, without waste or excessive spending. That is why you should call us! Request a free quote. We know you will be delighted with the results.


Superior Standards. Specialized Commercial Cleaning Needs.

The EcoBrite Services’ mission is one to have a systematic approach. In other words, the goal is getting repeated, efficient, and proven results. That’s because our procedures are focused on bringing a new Technician up the ranks. To do that, we begin with Basic Training. It provides the most effective results. For instance, we demonstrate the proper use of a cleanroom suit. The “Bunny Suit.” And we truly understand the damage that one-single particle of dust can do to electronics! That is the kind of expertise that any business, organization, or industry needs. So to properly maintain its facilities always running smoothly.

Above all, our cleaning products are eco-friendly. Wich is always the best choice. Because protecting the environment is more important than ever. In short, we offer the best cleaning solutions, with excellent results, while being environmentally responsible.


Unique Demands for Hygiene

Surfaces are often irregularly shaped with nooks and crannies. That’s why a simple cleaning just won’t do. Instead, we use a powerful electro-static fogging disinfectant. It sanitizes even the most difficult surfaces. That way, you can protect your staff, and your guests not only from dust and allergens. But from the most common types of germs and bacteria too. We also offer a wide range of restaurant cleaning services. All of them are ideal for protecting your busy facility, including our food-safe electro-static spraying and our weekly restroom no-touch service.

Our Technicians and Day Porters also provide a variety of products. To help you protect your guests and staff. Including sanitary wipes and antibacterial hand soap, as well as hand sanitizer. And we work with 100% green, safe chemical cleaning products. Hire EcoBrite for your cleaning needs. The results will speak for themselves.

75' High Dusting. Without a Lift? No Problem!

Commercial Facilities. Save Time. Dust More Often. Eliminate Hydraulic Lifts!

Effective Cost Reduction. With Better Results. EcoBrite Services works with a proprietary commercial high-dusting system. It includes a video cam that is mounted to the vacuum head. It allows the Technician on the ground to view, on-screen, the exact location for the Quality assurance. As a result, there is no need to hire additional access equipment. That is to say; you won’t have to spend your budget on ladders, scaffolding, or scissor lifts to access the high-level areas. This is how we work; with high standards, proper technology, and low costs. Call us or request a free quote.

Facilities often present several challenges to the on-site cleaning team, including cleaning around the extensive built-in displays and the network of cable trays as well as the lighting ducts and other dust traps around the facility. Over 30 feet in the air, it is a job for professionals! But, you don’t have to worry. Anything your facility needs, we can do for you. And, what’s more, all of our cleaning solutions are green cleaning solutions!


Cement and Floor Care. An EcoBrite Legendary Service.

You can be protected against the threat of unsightly, unhealthy floors and surfaces. All you have to do is delegate these projects to trusted cleaning partners. EcoBrite Services specializes in concrete polishing. To the highest shine! The employees, the customers, and their families will take pride in standing on your pristine clean floors. Because they can breathe easily, knowing the environment is germ-free.

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