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Today, the company continues to grow nationwide, servicing more than 50 million square feet on schedule and on time. Our headquarters in Lehi, Utah provides HR, staffing needs, accounting, and operational support allowing the US Management Team to focus on servicing our customers. Our unique Shared Service Company enriches our operations with complex client reporting, IT, and accounting support. Our field offices in Vancouver, WA, and Miami, Florida support Sales, and Client Services with easy access to airports for fast, in-person response time.

Headquarters – UT

2975 W. Executive Parkway Suite #141 Lehi, UT 84043

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Field Office – FL

Coral Springs, FL - 10920 Wiles Road

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Field Office – WA

Vancouver, WA - 12000 NE 95th St. #510

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“I went out to do a follow-up inspection and it looks phenomenal. Thank you for your work. The floors look incredible, the Range Master confirms that the de-Lead products have been used, the tight corners and under-counter spaces, under desks, and all other spaces of concern are dust free. Restroom fixtures are sparkling clean.”

Snohomish County

Facilities & Fleet Management

“I wanted to share my gratitude for Leon Sim’s attention, flexibility, and commitment to helping the County with our special requests for janitorial. Especially regarding potential coronavirus exposures at the Courthouse and cleaning up the homeless encampment areas throughout 9 buildings around Campus, he has been very responsive to our requests. His coordination has made all of our jobs a lot easier and less stressful.”

Snohomish County

Facilities & Fleet Management

“I was in Store 6 today and the floors looked very good. They were clean and very shiny. Restrooms were clean and the back of the house/janitor area was very clean and organized. Easily the best-looking store I have seen from EcoBrite. Thank you.”


Farmers Market

“I love to work with this company. They treat me well and I am proud to work here.”

Fernando Castro

Building Supervisor EcoBrite Services

“EcoBrite sets themselves apart from the competition because they always do what is best for their customers. The value that EcoBrite sees in technology is very forward thinking when it comes to equipment. In the years that EcoBrite has work with Tennant company they became very successful. Tennant is so glad to be part of this success with EcoBrite.”

Christina Butcher

Strategic Account Manager - Tennant Company

My favorite part is the people that I work with, the people that put the mop in the floor at night, and we work together as a team; and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish great things that we actually do. Training is also a big part of our industry. It is a constantly changing industry where there is always something new every year.”

Deanna Stultz

Regional Area Manager - EcoBrite Services

“Knowing that EcoBrite is environmentally friendly it is really important to us as it is to our customers and is important for the communities, we live in. Having our stores clean it is very important because that is the customer’s first impression and EcoBrite has been an absolute fantastic company; they have been reliable, and they are someone you can count on. The staff at Ecobrite has always been friendly, they are people that deliver what they asked them to deliver, and they do that with a lot of care and quality. I can really say that this team does a high-quality job. Having work with Ecobrite for the last 15+ years, makes me know that they deliver great services.”

Cynthia Malen

President Vistar

“Seattle is a very green city and being able to keep up with environment standards like Ecobrite does is very important to us. Getting the job done right at the first time is huge and that is why EcoBrite has been so successful here on site. EcoBrite is incredibly reliable. Every time I call them, they are out the same day or the next day to take care of any cleaning needs we have at the property. For me to work every day and knowing my building is well maintain is big for me and I know EcoBrite does a great job cleaning my building every single day.”


Facility Manager - Lumen Condominium

Certifications & Awards

As a part of our career development and ongoing training program, EcoBrite requires essential certifications of all employees. We believe that these programs will bring more professionalism and effectiveness to our EcoBrite team, which directly benefits our valued clients.

On April 17th 2011, Ecobrite Services was honored to receive the “Vendor of the year award 2011” from Fred Meyer Stores.

Through the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and Building Service Contractors Association (BSCAI), we currently offer two types of certification, one for executives (CBSE) and the other for management (RBSM). Both certifications are vital to EcoBrite success.

EcoBrite always strives to stand out from the competition, and we demonstrate this with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. To this end, we are currently working on becoming CIMS certified as an organization. Our management is currently CIMS expert certified and company certification will help us improve our quality and customer service moving forward.

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We work with the leaders in the industry. State-of-the-art equipment and innovative cleaning supplies are used to maximize productivity and quality at our client’s sites. We are always on the competitive edge in acquiring new equipment and chemicals that will help us do our job better and safer, keeping the environment always in mind. Our main concern is to offer our customers the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost. Our skilled maintenance department assures that our equipment is always in top working condition, guaranteeing you the best results.


Yes, EcoBrite is bonded and insured. Our liability insurance protects you for up to $4 million per occurrence. Our comprehensive insurance package includes a dishonesty bond at up to $50,000 per employee, auto insurance up to $1 million, workers compensation for up to $500,000 and liability as mentioned above. You are always protected with us.


Through our exciting training programs and opportunities to grow within the company, we motivate our employees to consistently give our customers the highest quality services with at a very low turnover rate. We offer health benefits, paid vacations, retirement programs, cash awards and other incentive programs to our team members.


Yes. EcoBrite will do our very best to accommodate your needs. We will design specific programs to suit your needs and strive to ensure your expectations are met and communicate effectively so we can respond quickly to all your needs. Our team is always ready and available to serve you and accommodate your desires. We believe in following both the letter and the spirit of our contracts. Whenever your organization has a question, request, or other need, our customer care department is only a phone call away. We offer daily and periodic services in a variety of areas, porter and hourly services are available upon request.


We do. Our people are professionals trained in their specific positions. We have workshops, site instruction and consistent training seminars to keep our people up to date on all aspects of the business. We believe that training is not simply a luxury, but rather a necessity. Our training programs include all employees and levels of management. EcoBrite Services is a member of BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) and ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), the associations that promote excellence in the building services profession.

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