Life at EcoBrite


Life at EcoBrite

EcoBrite's leadership style is to treat people pleasantly. We make a point to provide integrity and good service and establish long-lasting relationships. Consequently, this has launched the company culture to be far advanced in diversity, equity, and inclusion. What's more, our dedicated employees work all over the country. They are not afraid of hard work. In fact, they take pride in building a brighter, safer, and more sustainable world for all. Reach out to us. Join our team!

Building an Inclusive Work Culture

Life at EcoBrite. A Letter from our C.E.O.

Our value is in developing people, sustaining our planet, and working with the best suppliers. This is what validates us to build long-term relationships with our customers. At EcoBrite services, we have designed a robust program from scratch, keeping the employees, our clients, and all the team members in mind. So please leave it to us to take care of every detail.

EcoBrite sees its supervisory team, logistics, technology, objectives, and throughput as fundamental aspects of our training program. Consequently, our classroom and field training programs provide intensive start-up skills and a series of individual and group meetings, seminars, and workshops that focus on the challenges faced by our customers. In addition, we have high retention because of the teamwork and a sense of pride in each location. That is why EcoBrite is the best choice for you.

To sum up, this comprehensive training program delivers systematic learning and ongoing interaction with the latest trends in our industry. We aim to promote from within as our team gains knowledge and experience. As a result, the employees become experts in cleaning operation, time management, supply ordering and inventory, and customer service.

As we move to real-time reporting through wireless devices, our team continues to upgrade their knowledge base to the latest available technology, which is very important for immediate results.

We expect our leadership, training, and Quality management system to produce two results. First, support a positive attitude with effective, efficient execution of the scope of work by professionally trained team members. Second, continue to embrace and pivot with change to serve our customers better.

This is how we work. Join us!


Ricardo Fuchs, C.E.O.


English as a second language to Employees

The Training and English as a Second Language

The EcoBrite Services start-up training certification includes 48 hours covering work, the best safety practices, equipment maintenance, and operation for all the new employees. And, what’s more, in their first language.

We intend to make it easier for them because we want everyone to feel welcome. Our goal is to offer a pleasant environment. The contents of this training can be found in the EcoBrite Services Professional Cleaning Training Manual and Video. It educates the employees about important issues such as the client’s asset protection emphasizing the risks and consequences of disregarding the proper security measures. To that end, the training materials include visual aids. To help employees understand their responsibility towards EcoBrite Services and the customer in the workplace., In addition, our schedule for employees begins with extensive training daily in the first week. Then, weekly in the first month, and monthly after that.

EcoBrite Services provides additional training when new procedures, equipment, or chemicals are implemented. Then, as part of our ongoing training, we place posters, in English and Spanish, in the Janitorial Closets and other areas with important points and reminders about the services and the safety standards. In addition to effective and safe equipment usage. Another consideration is that all EcoBrite Services lead and supervisory personnel must be able to speak, read and write in English. So, our employees will be required to pass all badging and security tests without the help of interpretation.

Learn all about what it’s like working with EcoBrite; make your application today. We will be pleased to hear from you.


Life at EcoBrite comes with Recognition

  • The Omni Award recognizes the employees who made a distinct contribution to the company over the years. To clarify, Omni is a Latin word that means “all.” And, in our case, “complete”
  • The Pristine Award (Spotless synonym) is to recognize hard-working employees. The employees who go the extra mile to bring innovative ideas, important project completion, or that help the company to be more efficient
  • The EcoStar Award is a local recognition for small projects
  • The EcoBrite Services Award is to recognize the employees that are celebrating 5, 10, or 15+ years with the company
  • The BSCAI Certification Award is to recognize the employees who have received BSCAI Designations. For Certified Building Service Executive and Registered Building Service Manager
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