Free-mess way to remove dust
By Mario Bordieri 12 June 2020

Free-mess way to remove dust

Dusting is an imperfect art. However, when you need to pick up that handful of craft glitter your kids spilled, get pet hair off a lampshade, or just grab some dust, a sticky lint roller does the trick with almost 100 percent certainty.



When rinsing the roller is not doing the trick, or whenever it seems like your washable roller has run out of stickiness, just follow these quick and easy steps to make it usable again.

  • You can use dish soap and water or rubbing alcohol to do the cleaning.
  • For dish soap, simply apply a decent amount to the roller, and scrub it under the faucet to add water.
  • You can use your hand, a wash cloth or something a little more scrubby. Work up a good lather and then rinse it clean under the faucet when done. As you wash it like this, all of the micro particles and oily residues will wash away so that the roller is no longer coated.
  • For rubbing alcohol, simply pour some onto a cloth and wipe the roller all over to remove the build up.
  • Once the area is clean, rinse under water to wash off any alcohol or loose debris that remains.
  • Once you clean the roller in any of these ways, let it dry thoroughly. The roller will never be sticky when wet, but after you clean it and let it dry all the way, it will be just as sticky as the first time you used it.



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